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A Big Rolling Stones Fanatic Welcome Friends!
Thank you for visiting my site. Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm the RollingStonesFanatic, StonesMalf. I have created this site to pay homage to the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World, The Rolling Stones.
Long life, short story. In 1962, approximately 10 years after my birth, I happened upon my first Rolling Stones vinyl: "England's Newest Hit Makers". Since that time, I have had several careers, owned several Inc500 companies, had several wives, and several fast cars, but never found Satisfaction in anything, except the Stones.
One day in 1996, shortly after a heart attack and ensuing sale of my Piper Turbo Arrow III airplane, I had an epiphany. I realized that life was precious and that few things in life keep giving me constant joy. They are StonesJuno, my partner of 14 years and fellow RollingStonesFanatic, and The Rolling Stones themselves. Thus, I began collecting everything Stones and traveling the world on Tour with Juno and the Rolling Stones.

Today, I have my health, my Juno, my hobby, my memorabilia, and my favorite band on tour, The Rolling Stones -- A Bigger Bang Tour 2005/06. Enjoy your visit! Please feel free to share your personal RollingStonesFanatic story in our Guestbook, or just sign in to let me know you stopped by.