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"StonesMalf's Permanent Tour Tattoos"
No Security Tour Tongue Tattoo
American Flag Tongue Tattoo
Steel Wheels Tour Tongue Tattoo

"StonesMalf's Permanent Tour Tattoos"
40 Licks Tour Tongue /Blimp Tattoo
British Tongue Tattoo
Classic Rolling Stones Tongue Tattoo
Bridges to Babylon Tour Tattoo

StonesMalf's Website Logo Tattoo
for the Rolling Stones Bigger Bang Tour

Actual Dental Crown

From "Hannahunny/Gail"

From "Jagty/Gail"

Chris G./StonesMalf's Nephew
Italian Tongue Tattoo

"DurtySox97/Glen" signed by Albert Maysles -- of Maysles Films Inc., Gimme Shelter the 1969 Rolling Stones U.S. Tour Documentary

Mattman of Shidoobee
Tattoo You -- Keith Richards

Craig Stevens, from Adelaide South Australia. Classic Tongue on chest.

Allan, from Richmond, Virginia.

BakerBob's Keith Tattoo, NYC

Jagty, NYC

Andy1411, NYC

Eric, Chicago

Is this you? Email Stonesmalf and let him know who you are!

Adam, Lawrance, KS

Patrice, GA

Moondog, Ken -- Sacramento, CA

Hermann -- Munich, Germany

Hermann -- Munich, Germany

"TongueLady/Lori" (Hidden Tattoo)

Rob van Belzen, The Netherlands

The StonesBug Plate

From the StonesMalf Collection

From the StonesMalf Collection

From the StonesMalf Collection

From "JaggrFn1/Susan"

From "StonesDoug"

From "Hannahunny/Gail"

Shidoobee -- Hess

Brian -- Highschool friend of StonesMalf

Lisa -- aka Dancingwithmrd us!

From "Dandylionwoman"

Lori/Somegirrl's plate


Dana (djaggerlover on Shidoobee), San Jose, CA

Cathy, Florida
aka "GimmeLilDrink"

Tracy, Pheonix

Bryce, Billings MT

Email the Fanatic with your Rolling Stones Tattoos & License Plates and we'll include them on our site!!