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Early on the morning of November 11, 2002,
the RollingStonesFanatic, arrives to prepare for his
6:00 a.m. visitors to his Rolling Stones Museum.

At 6:00 a.m. sharp, Channel 2 Television
Satellite live feed broadcast trucks begin to
arrive. One van carries personnel, cable, and
cameras, the other sound, satellite feed, and
camera/cable equipment -- Looks like a studio
on wheels! It is. This is the big time!

It is decided that the star of the show will get all the attention from the get go, including lights, camera, makeup, and first film! The StonesBug quickly becomes the 'trailer/teaser' for the Mornings on 2 pre-show excitement.

The co-star of today's show, Gary Malfatti, sneaks in for a film test

KTVU technician, Bill Heiden tests some of
the artifacts of the collection, to make
sure they are in working order.
Looks and sounds good! Two thumbs up!

Gary gives a quick camera check to make sure that they get his good side, and all looks good.

Quiet on the set!

Roll film.

The segment ends on a high note. New Friends and a successful and interesting interview of one of the largest collector's of Rolling Stones memorabilia and the #1 fan of the Stones, Gary Malfatti -- the Rolling Stones Fanatic.
Gary "StonesMalf" Malfatti and Mark Pitta KTVU Fox Channel 2

The entire interview with Gary is broadcast Live on KTVU/Fox 2, Mornings on 2, in segments throughout the Morning show, and is seen by millions of viewers. Gary takes Mark on a walk through of 40 years of fabulous Rolling Stones memorabilia. Including autographed custom framed pieces and instruments, authentic tour apparel, Pinball machine, to Mick Jagger's one of a kind designer autographed shirt, worn on his special entitled 'Being Mick' aired on 'another network' during prime time -- donated to Save the Music and purchased by Gary for his amazing collection.
Your free ticket to view the items of the collection, up close, and personal can be found by clicking here