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The Rolling Stones Fanatic's Big Bash
StonesMalf's Birthday Bash at the Mystic Theatre & Music Hall
Petaluma, California -- July 14, 2001
Featuring Sticky Fingers Live - Hollywood, CA
Article by June "StonesJuno" Snowden
The hot July summer sun is setting in the Western sky, and casting long cool shadows on the historic streets of Petaluma, California. It is 6:00 pm on a Saturday night, July 14, 2001, and a growing line of people, ranging in ages from 21 to 71, has formed outside the Mystic Theatre & Music Hall in the heart of the downtown district. The Mystic marquee is lit with bold black letters against a white background: "STONESMALF" on the top line, and " ROLLING STONES FANATIC .COM" on the second line. Just below the marquee, is parked a bright yellow new 2001 Turbo Beetle Bug automobile, with custom black lettering painted on the hood "The Rolling Stones" directly above a huge painted Red Tongue logo of the Rolling Stones covering 90% of the car's front hood. On the top portion of the front windshield 'RollingStonesFanatic.com' in yellow vinyl lettering, duplicated in black vinyl on the rear bumper. On the driver's door we see 'StonesMalf' in black vinyl lettering above the door handle, and on the passenger side 'StonesJuno' in the same fashion. The car is equipped with custom California license plates that read: "ST NES" with a red tongue logo in place of the missing 'O'.
StonesMalf, The RollingStonesFanatic himself, is greeting his friends in line with another man that is carrying a professional film camera capturing every moment. StonesMalf is wearing a black event T-shirt that depicts the familiar Mystic marquee reading "StonesMalf VIP Party w/Sticky Fingers Hollywood", and the very same bright yellow Stones Beetle bug auto (that is parked in front of the theatre) in three images, that makes it appear to be driving forward into front view of the shirt design. The artwork is encompassed in a circular frame that reads: The RollingStonesFanatic.com * The Mystic Theatre * Sticky Fingers Live/ Hollywood * July 14, 2001. Many of the guests in line wear the same shirt. StonesMalf has six individual colorful tattoos on his legs just above his ankles. Each one represents six unique renditions of the Rolling Stones Tongue logo used for each official tour of the Rolling Stones since the 1970's. The line of friends, and relatives, and fellow stones fans is constant for the first hour or so, as stretch limousines, taxis, and more cars pull up to the front of the Mystic to let out more VIP guests.
Gary Malfatti (StonesMalf) and June Snowden (StonesJuno), have been Stonesfan's and partners for the last decade. They have decided to celebrate Gary's 50th birthday in a manner that only a Rolling Stones Fanatic would approve of. A Rolling Stones bash with over 450 Rolling Stones Friends and Family, from as far East as New York, as far south as the furthest tip of New Mexico, and as far North as Toronto Canada. All to 'Spend the Night Together' this special evening. The venue is the famous Mystic Theatre. The Mystic has played host of many great well known performers such as Van Morrison, Taj Majal, Huey Lewis & The News, and many others. However, tonight it will be home of the Greatest Rock and Roll, Rolling Stones Tribute Band Sticky Fingers Live, from Hollywood California.
Doors open! As the guests enter through the double doors, each presents their free VIP three-part advance ticket to gain admission to what is surely to be a memorable night. The first tear of each ticket, delivers admittance and a Custom plastic wristband, with "STONESMALF / RollingStonesFantic.com" printed in black on bright neon yellow.
The second part of the tear ticket delivers each guest an authentic Rolling Stones tour Access badge, courtesy of StonesMalf's friends at SFX (Bill Graham Presents), each personalized with their name, and a custom pair of 'RollingStonesFanatic.com / I love the Stones (w/Red Tongue Logo) black sunglasses and neck cord. Guests are free to purchase additional Event T-shirts. Including, raffle tickets, for an opportunity to win numerous pieces of the Rolling Stones Fanatic's personal collection and a chance to win the grand price of an authentic, never worn, back Varsity leather trimmed 1995 Rolling Stones World Tour Jacket. Proceeds of each T-shirt and Raffle ticket purchase are to be donated to Gary and June's charity of choice, The Family Connection, for the benefit of local homeless families.
The Mystic Theatre consists of a small foyer with walls covered with 8x10 photographs of famous past performer's at the Mystic. Directly ahead is a a double sided mahogany bar stocked with Premium Well liquors. The bar is cleverly accessible within the foyer and inside the theatre itself, and staffed with 4 bartenders for the thirsty crowd. Curtained passage ways on either side of the bar allow entrance into the main part of the theatre. Inside the main floor is approximately 200 theater style seats to the right and left opposing maroon walls of the interior of the theatre. In the center, cocktail tables and chairs have been removed to accommodate a capacity crowd. Tall marble top long tables for standing patrons have been strategically placed around for guests. The open tiered center area, accommodates three floor levels that gradually descend to the large, expansive polished hardwood dance floor in front of an elevated stage. The freshly painted stage is spacious with crisp new black theatre curtains drawn to conceal the mechanics of operating such a large venue. It easily accommodates the bands equipment, and the monitor mixing board. The ceilings of the theatre are vaulted, allowing for a small balcony with approximately 150 more seats that allow guests to see most of the space below and 100% of the stage.
In the balcony we find the main sound board and light area, complete with mixing boards and video operations. A film camera on a tripod has been positioned strategically on the balcony, in order to capture some of the night events. A slide presentation is being shown on the huge theatre screen that has been temporarily lowered for the guests viewing pleasure. Seventy plus captioned pictures consisting of StonesMalf's friends, travels, and miscellaneous items from his extensive Rolling Stones Memorabilia collection including signed guitars, a signed snare drum, and numerous autographed, framed, Stones pieces in custom framing.
The sounds of the Symphonic Stones fill the room, along with the scrumptious aroma of hot food. Hordevours are served! The buffet table is set, teaming with delicious hot food. To the right of the buffet table is the entrance backstage. Posted on the wall, is a Legend illustrating various laminates for defined access to this area. Backstage, a two tiered birthday cake awaits presentation. The bright yellow icing, is custom accented with an exact replica of the T-shirt design, three dimensionally exhibited on its high tier top. Including edible replicas of the 'STONES' license plate on each side of the lower half of the massive cake. The cake requires four assistants to carry out for presentation.
At 8:00 p.m., the theatre is full. The buffet table is cleared away, the slide show is stopped, the screen is raised, the lights are dimmed, the Symphonic Stones is turned off, and the Sticky Fingers Live takes the stage. Dick Swagger, Keef Riffoff, Harley Watts, Rick Taylor, Will Hyman, enter the room from a side entrance backstage with the expert guidance of Terry Minihan, their experienced Road Manager. The band is in costume, the spotlight from the balcony is on, and two professional camera operators alert each other over their headsets to roll film. Flashbulbs from eager photographers flash away. StonesMalf and 450 of his guests are all eyes toward the stage! The resemblance, mannerisms, and costume of the Rolling Stones circa 1970's is exact! They riff straight into Start Me Up, and within seconds the crowd is dancing wildly to the uncanny sound of the Rolling Stones! Three one hour sets of music follow, with raffle drawings and birthday cake presentation during several breaks. VIP guests, including StonesDoug from Annapolis, MD, and Tamara Guo/Blue Lena of the Keith's Shrine, from Pittsburgh, PA, are in the front and center all night long. Memorable performances are woven throughout the show, with a special acoustic rendition of Wild Horses and Evening Gown (Mick Jagger solo work -- Wandering Spirit) song dedication for the hosts. At 12:45 a.m., following dramatic encore renditions of Midnight Rambler and Gimme Shelter, rivaling the Stones themselves, the lights go on full and the music of Bitter Sweet Symphony fills the room, declaring to all that the party was over. Over, but never to be forgotten my many!
Aftermath: The party is front page news on the DateBook section of the San Francisco Chronicle on July 16th courtesy of our VIP guests Joel Selvin, Chronicle Pop Music Editor; and Mark Lundgren Managing Editor of the Chronicle Datebook Entertainment section. The spread is complete with a full page color photo of StonesMalf in front of the Mystic Marquee. StonesMalf and StonesJuno are invited to be in-studio guests on KFOG 104.5 fm San Francisco, and 97.7 am San Jose on July 24th, during the morning commute show with Dave Morey, Peter Finch, Renee Richardson, and Gregg McQuaid, with 10 million listeners both on radio and web simulcast. Could this lead to a possible annual event? West Coast Gathering in July 2002? Stay tuned to www.RollingStonesFanatic.com.
Click Photo for Party PicsArticle Featured in StonesPlanet, Issue #6, from the Rolling Stones Fan Club Office @ www.stonesplanet.com