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Mick Jagger Private Release
Party for Solo album "Goddess in the doorway"
November 15,2001 at the El Rey Theatre -- Los Angeles, California
StonesMalf (Gary/The RollingStonesFanatic.com) and StonesJuno

We arrived at the venue early as they were putting down the red carpet and setting up lights for the paparazzi. No tickets for admission -- guest list only. Surprisingly, we received our special glitter custom wristbands a bit early and proceed inside. The theater is small (approximately 700 capacity), with wonderfully vaulted ceilings, ornate hanging chandeliers, small foyer and balcony, and stage with small center ramp. Inside, camera and lighting crews are finalizing the last touches in preparation for the filming of a portion of the night's show for inclusion in the upcoming TV documentary "Being Mick" on ABC November 22, 2001, a 1 hour documentary of behind-the-scenes footage from the making of Mick's new album, his fourth solo. StonesMalf and I respectfully remain out of the way in consideration of all the preparation still going on inside. The guests begin to line up outside. Mick, dressed in a stylish maroon colored T-shirt with black pants and shoes, is rehearsing a few songs before the show. He looks fantastic and full of raw energy. We enjoy watching several rehearsal songs, including his hit God Gave Me Everything, followed by Respectable and Lucky Day. When Mick finishes his rehearsal, Gary and I proceed to the lobby, where Gary was graciously gifted a Being Mick full sized ABC promo poster, and Mick's Goddess in the Doorway album promo cover poster.
At approximately 8:00 p.m., the doors open and special guests begin to enter the theater. Complimentary top shelf liquor drinks and imported beer are being served at the bar. Tasty finger foods, crab cakes, sushi wraps, and Thai mushroom mini pizza's, served on silver platters are plentiful about the room. At approximately, 9:15 p.m. the band begins to take the stage, including tour regulars Bernard Fowler and Matt Clifford on keyboards. Mick, dressed in a short sleeve white T-shirt with red "Liberte" tank pulled over, and black corduroy pants takes the stage. The music begins, and Mick delivers an enthusiastic and impeccable Rock and Roll set as only an ultimate performer of his caliber can. His VIP audience consists of numerous celebrities such as StonesFan Jack Nicholson, Sean Penn, Naomi Campbell, David Spade, Jeff Goldblum, Alicia Silverstone, plus music executives and fans like us that can't get enough Satisfaction! We are dancing, singing, and enjoy
The set list consists of:
1. God Gave Me Everything
2. Visions of Paradise
3. Lucky Day
4. Everybody Getting High
5. Respectable
6. Miss You
7. God Gave Me Everything (Sizzling repeat! --for additional film footage)
The set feels all to short, but we acknowledge that we are greedy fans! Mick laughingly tells his audience that we can now say that we have seen every venue of his Goddess in The Doorway tour. He then asks us to please enjoy the party atmosphere, and we do!>